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about us

theCOart is an Art Gallery and Art Consultancy established in June 2013. The gallery showcase and promote contemporary work by both emerging and established artists.  

With the ever-changing digital world we have evolved to a 24/7 borderless online platform without any geographical restrictions. Currently we work in collaboration with South African, Spanish, Canadian and French artist, galleries, studios and artist-residencies.

Our mission is to provide a platform/network for artists to develop and gain greater international reach. We will focus on domestic and international exposure of artists and assist galleries, private collectors and corporates with curatorial services.  

The gallery prides itself on exhibiting works in a range of media, seeking to provoke cross-disciplinary debate. Although practices, processes and personal philosophies may differ, all the artists have a common goal: to create relevant and technically proficient art. 

Services we offer: 

Online and pop up exhibitions

Corporate and private art sourcing/ acquisitions/ collection management

Curatorial services to other galleries, studios or artists.

Artist Residencies

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